CIO Wall

Dr. Bharat Bhushan

CTO - Tata Metaliks Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

Enabling the New Digital Normal - Connected and Secure

When we look at the whole ecosystem evolved due to pandemic, some of the things that were earlier “good to have” are being converted to a “must to have” in IT and Digital Space. The whole process has been accelerated and things which were thought to be required five years down-the-line have suddenly become essential now. Automation and Robotics could be a game changer for this transformational phase in the manufacturing sector. For a robust automation system, OT and IT convergence is one of the important requirements. Connectivity, speed and security of the data is key to this integration and for a safe working environment. Robotics is another area which will be leveraged extensively especially for reducing the man-machine interface, improve the productivity and positively impact the EBITDA. The future could be a hybrid environment wherein the people and robots will work seamlessly together to address some of the challenges which got induced due to this unprecedented time. This in turn requires a focus on the culture and capability building of the organization around digital as well as the skill development in this area in the decade to come.