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G M Faruk Ahmed

Senior Principal Officer - Cyber Security Cell - Rupali Bank Ltd. - Bangladesh

CIO Perspectives

The Pandemic triggered digital and remote working making Cyber Security one of the top priorities for organizations. In this context, tell us briefly how your organization managed the transition to remote working during the pandemic? How did you manage employees logging into the corporate network or accessing critical resources and remain protected from cyber-attacks? Tell us about some of the unique security best practices that you have implemented to protect your organization against cyber-attacks?

Most of the employees telecommuting during the COVID-19 outbreak were using their personal devices more frequently to access corporate network. Unified endpoint management and enterprise mobility management tools have been key for the IT teams to extend corporate productivity tools to mobile devices. If the pandemic continues long term, organizations that don't currently have extensive device programs might be interested in purchasing bulk mobile devices or laptops to enable remote employees. However, companies like Apple have warned that they would limit purchasing amounts of some products because of disruptions in the supply chain.

Meanwhile, a lot of corporate managers are uncomfortable with telecommuting during the COVID-19 pandemic because of data security concerns. Systems within the four walls of a business protect endpoints with security software they trust to make sure that the devices users rely on are secure.

Financial organization’s IT teams supporting remote workers would be wise to require that employees only access business-critical data using a VPN and require mobile security practices such as multifactor authentication to access corporate data. It's also a good time for IT to remind users of their own role in company security. End-user gaps in security awareness are one of the business's biggest risk factors, so IT teams should roll out internal phishing tests and additional password change reminders.