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Goutam Bhattacharya

VP - IT - IFB Agro Industries

CIO Perspectives

Demands of the Digital Era - IS Your Network Ready for the Next Normal?

We are primarily a food and beverage company. We have been working on digitalisation in a few areas even before Covid arrived such as: introduce Industry 4.0 into our OT and in the IT front we want to enable our suppliers and customers who are rural farmers and small shopkeepers so they can self-service and also enable our salesforce who service them.

So we adapted a few cloud-based applications during the pandemic period. This is a big security challenge because there are a number of SaaS apps and IT assets on cloud and we cannot use SSO here to integrate or secure users who use these apps. Challenges such as Data Loss Prevention are also there and Security remains a big concern.

Nowadays, network needs to be available across the board for various requirements. Today, due to pandemic all academic activities are happening over networks. There is a large student base in the rural areas who have to continue their studies through the network. So, the mobile network availability is critical today.

The mobile network is also required for GPS location to know where our farmer is and where his pond is located. We also need the network to transfer essential information from the farmer. Availability of the farm data will help the farmer get Certification, Insurance and Bank loan etc which will facilitate them grow significantly. So, for all these essential activities, we need those networks to work for us. The importance of mobile network availability and good bandwidth will only continue to grow in future.

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