CIO Wall

Niladri Mukherjee

DGM & Head - IT - M. N. Dastur & Company (P) Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

In the digital era, how do you think organizations are changing their network strategy to address the challenges they faced last year or continue to face in the new normal?

In the era of Covid-19, "going digital" has been accelerated in 10x speed for us. The Local Area Network has been transformed to the Cloud Area Network removing all so-called edge boundaries. This has brought an ever-new challenge to us of protecting the organizational IPs and information not only from trending threats but also from possible pilferages or leakages from anywhere in the world. The satisfaction of our global physical network boundaries has been transformed to the night-awakening Cloud security system. Challenges became tougher due to the forced speed of adoption which was required for the business sustenance. But thanks to our IT team and our CSP (DIPL), we got the success and made Dastur float in the cloud and in a more efficient way.

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