CIO Wall

Noor Mohammad Shafi Kamal

Head of Digital Banking and Innovation Department - Mercantile Bank Ltd. - Bangladesh

CIO Perspectives

The Pandemic triggered digital and remote working making Cyber Security one of the top priorities for organizations. In this context, tell us briefly how your organization managed the transition to remote working during the pandemic? How did you manage employees logging into the corporate network or accessing critical resources and remain protected from cyber-attacks? Tell us about some of the unique security best practices that you have implemented to protect your organization against cyber-attacks?

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a paradigm shift in both our personal and professional lives. People as well as organizations have adapted to this rapid shift by moving their work to the virtual space. Even banks and financial institutions have significantly expanded on the use of virtual tools to meet their tasks and deliver their services to the customers. While these technologies have made our lives considerably simpler, yet, they are accompanied by multifarious cybersecurity threats and issues that could hamper the safety of the person or organizations using them. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing employees to work from home or from remote places in Banks only were limited to a few officials and with limited resources they were able to gain access. The COVID-19 scenario pushed Banks towards the increased access of resources for the official work remotely. Banks in Bangladesh have started thinking to explore these areas with gradual increase of access by the resources from any place as well as providing more and more services through digital means.