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Rajesh Roy

Head - IT - McNROE Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

In the digital era, how do you think organizations are changing their network strategy to address the challenges they faced last year or continue to face in the new normal?

Covid-19, has amplified the prominence of information technology in our lives. As we experienced uncertainties of the down slide of economic activities, we embraced technology and redefined lock down as the confinements for only physical structures including offices but definitely not of work. Although working remotely or work-from-home is not a new phenomenon in McNROE, but extreme newness lied in the scale with which we executed while ensuring high productivity remains but not at the cost of well-being - both physical and mental. The benefits of WFH came with the perils of enormous surge in traffic which we deftly managed with Careful planning for strengthening and augmenting the internet backbone - one of the key factors that pre-empts and mitigates any potential for congestion. Initiative to Enhance IP address allocation capacity by adding new connectors and gateways was taken up to support more numbers of concurrent sessions and installation of High Availability essential switches and UTM appliances aptly complemented by a 24/7 traffic monitoring mechanism eliminated network downtime. Enabling VPN connectivity to all employees working from home while strictly remaining within the precincts of zero-trust security policy truly ensured safe and easy access of their confidential data and internal applications hosted on our ‘On Premise Datacentre’. Giving more thrust on adopting resilient Security Measures towards protection of all endpoint devices accessing our network essentially arrested the Potential security gaps representing a growing threat with the shift to remote work which further enhanced the overall WFH experience of our McNROE Employees.

Cloud Strategy - What it means for your business in the short term as well as long term?

There has been a paradigm shift in IT operation management and the latest feather on the cap is CLOUD with great promise and poise not only to transcend previous benchmark achievements but garner grander thresholds of infinite additions in triggering insurmountable positive impact on leveraging organisational goals and accomplishments. In an era where IT budgets are becoming decentralized and availability of skilled IT workers remains wary, it can feel like a daunting task to choose between on premise infrastructure, platform and application, and cloud services. It is explicit that with evolvement of more complexities in IT Management the entire gamut of functioning is becoming extremely specialized seeking uninterrupted monitoring by experts. A Manufacturing Organization that needs to give cent per cent focus and efforts on maintenance of its quality commercial products and market expansion inevitably seeks IT as the predominant enabler but finds it extremely taxing when core expertise do not lend credibility to surmount the vital challenges endemic to efficient IT management. Hence a successful Cloud IT strategy will encompass the holistic needs of the business by choosing the eclectic mix of private, hybrid, and public cloud services that will foster innovation, enhance business agility, minimize risks, and improve cost efficiencies.

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