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Sanjay Prasad

CIO - RPSG CESC Power Group

CIO Perspectives

Demands of the Digital Era - IS Your Network Ready for the Next Normal?

We have completed about 15 months in moving towards the new normal, which itself is morphing. The pandemic situation has accelerated the adoption of digital onboarding what otherwise would have taken several months more. In terms of technology while ensuring secure access, the IT infrastructure and IT security folks have come to the forefront, and terms like Dual Factor Authentication, Session Limitation and Zero Trust are no longer restricted to the IT fraternity. Today’s hybrid environment has led both users and IT to work together to revisit their processes amenable to RPA to enhance accuracy, optimise cycle time and in some cases reduce customer response turnaround time.

Another important factor to manage is the horizontal and vertical movement of information within the corporate boundaries and outside. Segmentation of data within the OT organisation to protect crown jewels is as important as protecting the perimeter from outsiders and at the same time question every non-essential duplex flow of information. Quite a dichotomy, when every digital shout is about seamless transfer of information!

Consistent and reliable delivery of products and services is given for any mature business. Where one upscaled are in terms of customer convenience, by improving several notches the ecommerce throughput in customer query, transaction and payment fulfilment leading to reduced footfalls and contact touchpoints during the ongoing pandemic period. Consumer-facing businesses then elevate the customer experience of interactions and outcomes further by going beyond the existing chatbots to exploring vernacular voicebots. As utilities like telecom, FMCG and retail businesses, home automation behind the meter could be one area to build customer intimacy as well as to be ready for last-mile deregulation.

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