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Somnath Chatterjee

CEO - Webel Technologies

CIO Perspectives

Enabling the New Digital Normal - Connected and Secure

For me the digital journey during the pandemic was relatively easy as I had to introduce a lot of concepts in the office which were new to everyone. The best outcome of the transformation is that our organisation that did not believe in work from home, is now more than 100 per cent efficiently working from home. We have also tried to streamline many processes and approvals and moved them online which had not happened before.

What is your IT vision in terms of cloud adoption? Is it Private Cloud or Public Cloud? What are the advantages / disadvantages of each?

Digital transformation is a boardroom level decision which has to come from top to bottom. If there is a pressing need for data security I can think of a private cloud but I think in other cases public cloud is good where you have efficiency and cost advantage. In my opinion the sequence is public, hybrid then private.