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Vishal Mishra

Network Administrator - Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd.

CIO Perspectives

Accelerating Industry 4.0 with Private Networks & 5G

Network connectivity is a problem in the mining areas in Odisha because of lightning and other environmental issues. This causes loss of connectivity and even results in sending erroneous messages to dumper truck drivers who follow a tracking system. This eventually causes loss of work and other issues. All this is based on a private Wi-Fi system (Unlicensed frequency). So we are exploring to try out public networks instead of depending on the private system. It would be easier to maintain the entire digital infrastructure on a public network since mines are about 100 kilometers away from the corporate office and then the head office in Calcutta also wants to monitor all happenings on a real-time basis. So, private networks are good at the local level, but for real-time data monitoring across various locations in the country, I think public networks are more useful. However, a reliable & robust private network shall be very useful in enhancing the IT related initiatives being taken up in the mining industry and help in digital transformation & automation of mines. But, integrating private with public networks again poses the problem of cyber security.

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