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Let Music be the Light of Life!!! by ANGELICA HALE

Valedictory Session: Bengal Silicon Valley IT Hub

Power Panel: The Future Society in a Connected Digital Age

INFOCOM Future Leadership Award 2018 - Jury Perspectives | Felicitation of the Winners

INFOCOM Future Leadership Award 2018 - Presentation by the Finalists - Jury Interactions

Panel: Leveraging Global Markets, Investors & Resources for Entrepreneurship

Keynote: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Digital and Creative Economy

Keynote: The Entrepreneurial Success Story of PRAN – RFL Group

Showcase: Model Projects by Cyber Club of Schools of Calcutta

Workshop: Xtreme Hacking

Keynote: Mitigating the Two Biggest Risks in Cybersecurity - Email and Humans

Keynote: AI in Cybersecurity

Game: Hack the Hackers

Panel: Data Protection & Privacy in the age of Digital

Panel: Security in the Mobile First Workplace

Spotlight Session: JHARKHAND – Taking the Long View

Keynote Address: India’s Desperate Need to Generate AI Talent for Business En Masse

Hackstar Keynote: HACKED!!! 4 views

Keynote: When Digital Becomes Human: A Service Provider Perspective

Panel: From IT to IoT and OT – Bridging the growing Cyber Security Divide

Inspirational Keynote: Through the Lens

Leadership Keynote: Preparing for the Next Technology Wave

Panel: Promoting Innovations and Startups in Eastern India

Bihar as an Investment and Business Destination

Travelling Trends for 2020

Experience Bengal

Keynote: Leveraging the Power of Insurance for the New Age

Tourism in Jharkhand

Keynote: The Next Tech Wave

Leadership Keynote: Disrupting The Cybersecurity Status Quo

Keynote: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Technology Keynote: Realize and Accelerate your Transformation!

Keynote: Digital Transformation in Social Sector Projects - Touching Humanity with Innovation

Spotlight Session: LIFE 3.0

Keynote: Digital Transformation: At the Intersection of Analytics and AI

Panel: Cyber Security and the Millennials

Panel: Creating a New Standard of Trust in Business Transactions

Keynote: Voice Impact in the Customer Journey

Security Keynote: Building a Cyber Resilient Enterprise

Strategy Panel: Humanizing the Customer Experience in the Digital Age

BFSI Panel: Impact of Artificial Intelligence in BFSI segment

Spotlight Session: Celebrating 50 Years of Hema Malini in Indian Cinema

STPI Export Awards 2017-18 - West Bengal

Keynote: Hybrid Multi Cloud – The New Normal

Keynote: Will Human Beings become Obsolete?

Keynote: Threat Centric Vulnerability Management

Panel: Future of Smart Enterprises with IoT, Digital Health and Wearables

Keynote: Impact of Digitization in the FMCG Sector

Keynote: Excellerate your Digital Transformation

Keynote: Building Borderless Minds and Borderless Thinking

Panel: Digital Transformation for the Experience Age

Panel: Impact of AI and IOT in Enterprise Service Management

Master Keynote: 5G to IoT – Developing an Ecosystem

Future Systems by Dr Bhaskar Ghosh

Theme Keynote: When Digital Becomes Human

INFOCOM Calcutta 2018: Inauguration of the Conference